Police question Wijedasa’s actions

The police have raised questions over the failure by the President of the BAR Association, Wijedasa Rajapakse, to report the shooting incident outside his house to the police officer providing him security or to the 119 emergency hotline soon after he realized an incident had occurred.

The police media unit said that according to a statement provided by the parliamentarian, he had said that on Thursday early morning he heard a sound similar to firecrackers outside his house but when he looked outside he saw nothing.

However his son had then come to his room and said there were gun-shots fired outside the house.

The police said that the MP had however not informed the policeman giving him security about the incident nor did he call the police emergency hotline.

According to the police, if the alarm was raised as soon as he heard there were gun-shots fired outside his house then the suspects could have been arrested sooner.

The shooting incident had been reported to the police several hours later and spent bullets were found outside the house, the police media unit said.

The police said that 19 people have so far been questioned over the incident and two police teams have been deployed to conduct investigations.