Police arrest 100 Chinese nationals

The police, in a coordinated effort with the Chinese police, arrested 100 Chinese nationals in Colombo and the suburbs yesterday over telephone fraud.

Police spokesman SSP Priyashantha Jayakody told the Colombo Gazette the arrests were made based on information provided by the Chinese police.

Jayakody said the 100 Chinese nationals were arrested for crimes committed in China and not in Sri Lanka.

“The Chinese police sought our help to arrest these people. We got a court order yesterday and arrested them after we identified where they were staying,” the police spokesman said.

In May over 400 Chinese were arrested from several countries over a transnational telephone fraud which included 17 arrests in Sri Lanka.

Chinese mainland police, assisted by Taiwan police, worked with their counterparts in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Fiji to bust the large cross-border telephone scam gang.

The CID in Colombo arrested 17 Chinese in Rajagiriya over the scam.

Telephone fraud has become a major social security problem on the Chinese mainland, but suspects often use overseas servers and make phone calls from overseas, making it more difficult for mainland police to trace them.

Chinese police had said that the swindlers frequently change their crime methods and shift their fraud dens to avoid the police, and the fraud shelters have been spreading to countries in South Asia and Oceania rather than traditional destinations such as Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia.

By Easwaran Rutnam