Lanka to send another 200 for UN peace keeping ops

Sri Lanka is to deploy a 200 member contingent comprising of the army, navy and air force on a UN Peace Keeping Mission to Haiti.

The contingent which is due to leave the island shortly had its passing out parade at the Sri Lanka Engineers Regimental Headquarters premises at the Panagoda Army Cantonment this week, the army media unit said.

The contingent includes seven army officers and 112 other ranks, one navy officer and thirty-nine sailors and one air force officer and forty airmen.

The contingent is commanded by Major Saliya Jayasinghe and is expected to leave during the first week of January, 2013.

This is the 15th contingent, expected to leave for Haiti on UN peace keeping assignments.

Sri Lankan peace keepers provide security to all key towns along main roads and suburbs, preventing different armed groups from engaging in violence.