Chinthika: Stunning looks and a stunning voice

By Easwaran Rutnam

She has looks to kill, is very photogenic and has a pleasant personality. But for Chinthika Ranaweera, her amazing voice is what will one day make her a big star in the Sri Lankan music industry.

Having a love for music from a very young age Chinthika took up professional singing five years ago and has not looked back ever since.

“I was a musical person ever since I was a child. I was totally amazed by it. I used to hide myself in my room with my headphones on. Nothing else mattered to me. I think I enjoyed music a lot more than a normal regular person would,” Chinthika told the Colombo Gazette.

Chinthika says at the start her family was not too supportive of her decision to become a professional singer but with time and age she decided to pursue her goal.

“I have one younger brother and both my parents are retired. My father used to work in the travel industry and my mother was a government servant. They were initially not so keen about my interest in music and as a child I didn’t have the freedom to pursue my goal as a musician so I waited till I was old enough to make my own decisions to take a step in music,” she said.

Chinthika was influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Shania Twain to name a few while in the local music industry veteran musicians Pandith Amaradeva, T M Jayarathne and Premasiri Kemadasa made an impact in her love for music.

The first song she composed and sang was ‘Mathake Hasarel’ which however she says has now become popular for another artiste after local radio stations failed to recognize her for it. edit 23

“Unfortunately since there was no support from radio or TV channels and due to a lack of knowledge about the music industry and certain misconceptions and misleading by certain opportunistic parties I had to give it up. Now it’s sung by a different artist and it is a big hit amongst the youth,” she said.

But that bad experience has not stopped Chinthika from moving ahead with her love for music and making music based on what’s close to her heart.

“I do write my own lyrics. Some of them are based on my personal experiences and what I felt from time to time. Singing my own songs makes me project and improvise better. I normally write a song with a melody in my head and then later I polish it up. The beat or the tempo of the song totally depends on my mood.  I don’t plan and write music and create it for the market.  My music is what comes out from me and the only essence in it is ME,” she said.

She says the public reaction to her songs have been mixed with some preferring her Sinhalese songs to the English ones while there are others who like her English music more.

Despite being photogenic Chinthika says she does not model professionally but only takes part in photo shoots mainly on invitation from people she knows.

“But I must admit I do like the camera and I love to pose,” a smiling Chinthika adds.

As for her future plans Chinthika says she wants to release an album and have a concert but to do that she is looking for sponsorship. (Colombo Gazette)