Lion Air bodies not yet found

The bodies of the passengers killed in the Lion Air flight which was believed to have been shot down by the LTTE in 1998 are yet to be found.

The police today began digging the site where the bodies were believed to have been buried but by this afternoon the bodies were yet to be found.

According to the police, a group of fishermen are believed to have recovered the bodies and buried them nearby following the incident in 1998.

The wreckage of the plane was found in the sea off Iranamadu in October after an LTTE cadre in police custody had revealed the location from where the plane was shot down.

With the discovery of the wreckage further investigations had revealed the location where the bodies of some passengers of the flight had been buried.

The Terrorist Investigations Department (TID) is investigating the incident.

The passenger plane went missing soon after takeoff from Jaffna on 29 September 1998 and was not found since.

The plane was carrying 48 passengers and 7 crew members.