Alternative Sundays – The BIG 10

It’s another round of sonic diversity from home that we take the most pride in and just like every round, this one’s different!

Doesn’t matter if you like your rock n roll from the old skool a lil toned down, experimental music that’s an experience on its own , Alternative singers who wear hearts on their sleeves, a baby metal band and a female artist who can own any stage she wants to!

In case you’re curious…here’s the list!

Prazanna (Cancer fame) and Friends

Jude Perera (YES Superstar Fame)

Amadeus (Experimental)

Asela Perera (Alternative)

Shamistha De Silva (Alternative)

RUIN (Metal) Semi Unplugged For The Night

The 2nd of December, that’s when it all goes down in that one little intimate spot that’s home to Alternative Sunday – The BIG 10 – Kamikaze, 6.45pm onwards.

Tickets at the entrance