China wants Sri Lanka to free sailor

China has urged the Sri Lankan authorities to release a Chinese sailor who had been arrested after used bullets were found in his boat.

The Xinhua Chinese news agency quoted the Chinese embassy as saying it had urged Sri Lankan authorities to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese sailor and release him as soon as possible.

The Chinese sailor was arrested near the Colombo port by the navy and handed over to the police after used bullets from an M-16 rifle were found in his boat.

The Chinese man who is the captain of a Taiwanese fishing boat with an Oman flag was arrested after spent bullet caps were found in the boat when it entered Sri Lankan waters.

The navy from the Rangala base near the Colombo port searched the boat when it entered Sri Lankan waters on Saturday.

The navy found 5 spent bullet caps and 2 unexploded Rocket Propelled Grenade rounds.

The Chinese man was handed over to the harbor police late on Monday after he was brought ashore.