Increased safety measures for Colombo night race

Increased safety measures will be in place for the spectators and participants at the Colombo Night Race next month, organizers said today.

The Colombo Night Race will be held at Fort on Saturday December 15th with the qualifying rounds the previous night.

The Asian Motor Racing Club and the Carlton Motor Sports Club together with the Sri Lanka motorcycle club are organizing the race for the second year this year.

Shehan de Tissera from the Asian Motor Racing Club told reporters today that apart from the sand bags and tyres around the racing track, chain fences will be erected around the spectator areas.

“This is to ensure that if there is an accident then debris from the cars will not harm any of the spectators. The entire event is also insured including the spectators,” he said.

At least one spectator was seriously injured during the Colombo Night Race last year and the organizers say they are taking extra precautions this year.

“We are learning from several shortcomings last year and have rectified those shortcomings this year,” de Tissera said.

He said that racing drivers from India, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong will be among the host of international participants in the night race.

The racing track has meanwhile been extended at Galle Face so that more spectators can witness the event.

Formula Mclarens 1300cc cars and Toyota Etios cars will be among the star attractions at the race as will Sri Lanka’s premier racing driver Dilantha Malagamuwa.

Report by Easwaran Rutnam