Cops quiz Kotte Mayor

The police have sought details from Kotte mayor Janaka Ranawaka over a statement he had made to the media alleging that corrupt police officers were the cause for the incident at the Welikada prison.

Police media spokesman SSP Priyashantha Jayakody said that the statement made by the Kotte mayor harmed the image of the police and is a threat to the peace in the Welikada area.

The police have asked the mayor to clarify his statement where he has said that some 20 police officers were involved in the heroin trade in Welikada.

The police also want the mayor to name the police officers who he claims are living in three storied houses which were either built or purchased from money obtained in heroin dealings.

The police have also sought the assistance of the mayor to crackdown on the heroin trade he claims is operating openly in Welikada. (Colombo Gazette)