15 Sri Lankan refugees missing in India

Fifteen inmates of Boganallur refugee camp in the district are reportedly missing since last Friday.

During the fortnightly inspection that was conducted in the refugee camp at Boganallur near Kadayanallur in the district on Saturday, the revenue officials found 15 of the 139 Sri Lankan refugee families in the camp were missing.

Based on the complaint filed with the Chokkampatti police in this connection, the police are investigating the case.

Since the Sri Lankan refugees, lured by the touts, are illegally migrating to Australia by sea in search of better living conditions and even citizenship in the island nation, police suspect that the missing inmates of Boganallur refugee camp also might have left the camp to try their luck.

However, other inmates of the camp claim that the missing members of Boganallur camp had gone out to work in some other places as labourers and would return to the camp within a day or two.

While a few refugees managed to reach Australia after life-threatening voyage, most of them were either caught by the navy of a nation en-route or buried under the water. (The Hindu)