Passenger vehicles to be marked with different colours

The government has decided to paint vehicles used for passenger transport in different colors, the government information department said today.

Cabinet approved the proposal made by the Minister of transport Kumara Welgama.

Accordingly, Vehicles will be painted in different colors as follows.

• private passenger transport busses – Light Blue- PANTONE colour code no. 2707 C
• Public passenger transport buses of SLTB- Red-PANTONE colour code No. 185 C
• Vehicle used as School Vans and School Buses -Yellow PANTONE colour code No.1375 C

At present there are about 20,000 buses deployed for passenger transport by both the state and private sector among the 4.5 million registered vehicles in Sri Lanka which are being used for different transport purposes.

The new move is to be implemented for vehicles to be registered from 2013-02-01 onwards and for all other vehicles referred to above, registered and operated at present, from 2014-01-01, the government said.