Salvage to salvage rock music

Formed in 2009 as an alternative music band, Salvage is now all out to give a new identity to rock music in Sri Lanka.

Band leader and vocalist Chrisantha de Silva said that while rock is their main genre they do experiment with their music to give it an unique touch.

“We want to salvage the music scene in Sri Lanka and hence the name Salvage. We keep our lyrics simple and personal,” Chrisantha said.

Chrisantha is the only remaining founding member of Salvage.
The band currently consists of Justice Gnanamuttu (Base), Davis Pereira (Drums), Chrisantha de Silva (Vocals) and Sajana Bupathi (Guitar).
“I started the band with my friend James Mather as an alternative/acoustic outfit. But eventually once we started jamming we became a rock band. The original members of the band left bit by bit and I’m the only founding member
left. But the band is going strong now,” he said.

Chrisantha says Salvage has grown after being in the industry for four years and has begun to understand what the music fans in Sri Lanka want.

“I’m an alternative music fan; the guitarist likes bands like Metallica and so on. Our sounds are still evolving and maybe the best is yet to come. Boundaries are yet to be pushed,” he said.

Over the past two years Salvage has begun to write original music and the track ‘Identity’ is a big hit among their fans and the band itself. Chrisantha says the song is close to his heart as the words relate to his personal life and in a way to the lives of others as well.

“We try to make positive rock music. It is about love, emotions. It is a fulfilling process. With our original music we have now reached a new level,” he said.

Salvage has just released its latest track ‘Sublime’ which Chrisantha says is the heaviest one done so far among their original songs. Music is not a full time career for the band members of Salvage but Chrisantha says the members give their best with commitment to ensure the success of the band.

“Everyone is committed and when we have free time it is used mostly for our band,” he said.

However Chrisantha admits making music a career is his personal dream and touring the world as a band would be the icing on the cake. (Courtesy The Sunday Leader)