Australia deports more Sri Lankans

The Australian federal government has sent more Sri Lankan asylum seekers home as a new boat arrived in Australian waters.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the 30 men were returned to Sri Lanka from Christmas Island on Tuesday.

This takes the number of Sri Lankans “involuntarily” returned to their homeland to 200 since the government announced its offshore processing policy on August 13.

Without a valid visa, the men had no legal right to remain in Australia and were removed at the earliest opportunity, Mr Bowen said.

“People who pay smugglers are risking their lives and throwing their money away,” he said in a statement.

“There is no visa awaiting them on arrival, no speedy outcome, and no special treatment.”

Meanwhile, HMAS Armidale on Monday intercepted a boat carrying six suspected asylum seekers and two crew south-east of Ashmore Islands.

The passengers will now be transferred to Christmas Island for health and security checks.

They risk being sent to processing centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea under the government’s new offshore processing regime. (Herald Sun)