Welikada death toll rises to 27

The death toll from the riot at the Welikada prison rose to 27 today with around 40 injured.

Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Chandrasiri Gajadeera told parliament that 11 bodies were found in the prison premises today.

Gajadeera told parliament that most of the weapons stolen from the prison had been recovered. He said in all 82 guns had been stolen by the prisoners during the riot.

The Colombo National hospital said that 16 bodies were at the hospital as of this morning.

Prisons Commissioner P.W.Kodippili told the Colombo Gazette that the situation in the prison was brought under control with the help of the army.

He said that army deserters and underworld members were involved in the riot.

The Prisons Commissioner  said that a few of those who had managed to escape prom the prison during the riot were also arrested.

An investigation has been launched over the prison riot by a special committee,  the Prisons Commissioner said.

He said that all the inmates of ‘Hall L’ from where the riot broke out when the prison guards and STF attempted to search the premises, were now back in their cells.

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