Army says probe on war continuing

The Sri Lanka army on Monday said that military investigations into some alleged incidents which had reportedly taken place during the war with the Tamil Tiger rebels are still being investigated.

Army spokesman Ruwan Wanigasooriya told Xinhua that a Court Of Inquiry (COI) is continuing to record statements from witnesses and others.

The five-member Court of Inquiry was appointed in January based on the recommendations of a local war commission known as the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

Sri Lanka’s former Attorney General Mohan Peiris said last week that the army court has had 50 sittings so far in its probe on allegations of human rights abuses committed by the military during the war.

Peiris, who is an adviser to the Cabinet, said that the army court of inquiry had also recorded statements from 30 witnesses.

He also said that the mandate of the army court of inquiry is wide and will cover some issues raised in a controversial British television video.

The British television channel had released several videos following the war in Sri Lanka showing alleged atrocities committed by the army.

The Sri Lankan military defeated the rebels in May 2009 after 30 years of bitter fighting. However the Sri Lankan government continues to face allegations of committing war crimes during the conflict.

The army court of inquiry is an initial fact-finding inquiry and if there is evidence to file a case a General Court Martial will be convened to try the alleged offenders, the army said. (Xinhua-ANI)