Microsoft Windows 8 makes its debut in Sri Lanka

Microsoft Technology Roadshow, an event to showcase the latest in technological innovations that’s sweeping the world, was used as the platform on which the company officially introduced the all new Windows 8 experience to the local market, amidst a gathering of customers, partners, and developers at the BMICH on Friday, 2 November 2012.

Partners and customers had the opportunity to get firsthand experience of the touch and feel of Windows 8 for the first time in Sri Lanka, as well as be introduced to the ‘cool’ new touch devices. The official launch partner for the event was Singer X Series, who made this the occasion to announce their introduction of latest touch enabled devices to the market. A Windows 8 experience centre set up at the event provided the participants the opportunity to get their hands on some of the latest Windows 8 enabled devices slated to reach the local market through Microsoft’s hardware partners Singer, Metropolitan and Dell who brought the ‘cool’ quotient live.

Prominent IT professionals in the country took part in the event representing the Microsoft partner network while some of the top players in the field of software and IT industry as well as the enterprise sector represented Microsoft’s customers.

During the event, partners and customers were given an insight into how Microsoft technologies are geared to meet the challenges faced by corporates as well as public service enterprises in meeting the demands of the future, especially with the introduction of game changing Applications that’s reshaping how information is accessed and consumed.

Country Manager for Sri Lanka & Bangladesh Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, who introduced  Windows 8 via a demonstration with a very personal touch showcased what Windows 8 means to him, first as an individual user as well as a corporate decision maker.  He said that Windows 8 opens up a whole new experience for users.  “With Windows 8 Microsoft expects to bring computing closer to Sri Lankan lifestyles be they general consumers or businesses.  Compared to Windows 7, the new operating system is a completely new interface with seamlessness integrated to its every aspect.  It is secure, easier to work with and much more appealing App developers”

Amith Pawar, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Devices & Cloud, Asia Timezone Microsoft who did a live demonstration of Windows 8, emphasized on the enterprise ready aspects of the latest OS.  He displayed Bitlocker, an application included in the Operating System to ensure privacy for the user in the case of loss or theft of a hard drive or device.  Speaking about the new OS he said “Within 15 seconds Windows 8 can go from a cold start to a full blown OS. There is no compromise between the device you would like to use and have to use.  Windows 8 Consolidate devices and the way Microsoft operates on them. We have done that without compromising anything, always allowing it to be user friendly.  There are over 420 million devices worldwide, which supports Windows 8 and there is no need for these devices to be replaced with new ones.  Windows 8 has the capability to share between multiple users, using biometric passwords, picture pass words or a card.”

He explained how the live tiles of Windows 8 work, allowing the user to customize and manage the system according to their individual needs. “A user can carry his system on a thumb drive and boot it in another PC so that he doesn’t have to be inconvenienced with carrying his PC around; enabled via ‘Windows To Go’ a latest addition that’s taking the enterprise space by storm.”

The new operating system also features an entirely new Internet Explorer 10 optimized for touch and built in cloud capabilities with SkyDrive.

Microsoft is scheduled to release 13 new products in the future including Microsoft Office 2013, SharePoint 2013, Link 2013 and System Centre 2013 etc., all of which are set to revolutionize the global Software and IT industries. A comprehensive description on the utility of each and every new product was delivered at the Roadshow.