Norway suspends work permits

The Norwegian Ministry of Labour has decided that no more work permits will be granted for the time being, the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo said.
This is due to the high number of applications and a need for more information about the qualifications and the documentation presented by skilled job-seekers from certain countries, Sri Lanka included.
The Norwegian Embassy in Colombo also advised against private agents charging fees for assistance with visa applications to Norway.
Many of these agents, who charge exuberant fees for their services, give incorrect and misleading information about the procedures, fees and documentation required to obtain permits as skilled job seekers in Norway. They also seem to give incorrect information about the actual job possibilities in Norway, says Deputy Chief of Mission Jon Otto Brodholt.
For any other visas to Norway VFS Sri Lanka located in the World Trade Center is the only center authorized by the Norwegian Embassy to receive application forms.
All applications for visas to Norway should be submitted to VFS which will forward them to The Embassy. Applicants are advised to use the information and checklist at the Embassy’s website  and follow the instructions about how to register their application online.
Potential applicants may call the Embassy’s Visa Inquiry telephone number (011) 3168865 or 3168866 between 11 am and 12 noon Monday to Thursday if they are in need for any further information regarding the application procedures, use of agents or application fees.