MR says Asia should not be a playground for others

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the Asian Continent cannot be the playground of other forces, who seek its wealth, assets of nature and human resources.

Addressing the first Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Summit in Kuwait the President said that Asia’s progress must draw from the best of its own cultures, while learning from the best of others who come with genuine friendship.

He said that Asia should strive to regain and safeguard its independence that is challenged on many fronts and across many borders.

The countries of Asia can succeed in rebuilding our continent by greater reliance on our cultural affinity, rich history, and the strength of our human resources, the President added.

The President also noted that Asia is confronted with pressing challenges such as the menace of terrorism, piracy, climate change, natural disasters, environmental pollution and anti-social activities and he these challenges are a call for greater cooperation as is seen in the ACD.

“One other challenge many developing countries, such as mine, are facing is the burden placed on the developing world by rapidly fluctuating oil prices. This has imposed a heavy strain on our resources thereby hampering our long term plans on development,” the President added.