CMC to acquire private roads in Colombo

The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) is to acquire several private roads in Colombo in order to ease traffic congestion in the city.

The Sunday Leader newspaper quoted Deputy Colombo Mayor Titus Perera as saying that between 50-60 private roads had been identified to be acquired by the CMC. He said that most of those roads connect to or are linked to main roads in the City and so they need to be free to be used by vehicles on the streets.

Perera said that the CMC budget for 2013 would allocate funds to pay compensation to the owners of the private land when it is acquired.

Meanwhile the CMC accused the Urban Development Authority (UDA) of implementing some projects in the City without consulting the CMC.

Perera said that the UDA has decided to erect digital display boards in parts of Colombo even when the CMC had also decided to do the same.

He said that the administration of Colombo falls within the purview of the CMC and so the CMC should be informed of any street projects.

The Deputy Mayor also said that the CMC has lost income from the Manning Market in Pettah after the UDA had decided to take it over.