Bangladesh embassy in Colombo attacked

Angry protesters attacked the Bangladesh Embassy in Colombo this evening over the mob attack on Buddhist Temples and homes in Bangladesh.

The protesters  including several Buddhist monks, took to the streets to vent their anger over the incident in Bangladesh and threw water bottles towards the Embassy, damaging windows and other property.

Earlier today the government claimed that there were reports that some extremist elements may attempt to create tensions in the city over the Bangladesh incident.

Meanwhile Muslim organizations in Colombo had yesterday condemned the attack on the Buddhist Temples in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s High Court asked the Bangladesh government yesterday to explain why local officials failed to provide security to minority Buddhists whose homes, temples and businesses were attacked over a picture of a burned Quran posted on Facebook.

A two-judge panel asked top bureaucrats of the Home Ministry and local administrators to reply within a week and ordered authorities to ensure safety in troubled areas of southern Bangladesh.

The judges ruled after a lawyer presented several newspaper reports on last weekend’s attacks. At least 10 temples and 40 homes were torched, looted or vandalized in the coastal district of Cox’s Bazar.

The court also asked a government-formed investigative committee to submit its findings to it by Oct. 17.

The government has already removed a local police chief for failing to thwart the attacks.