Divineguma bill passed in the South and Sabaragamuwa

The Divineguma Bill introduced by the Government was passed in the Southern and Sabaragamuwa provinces today.

In the Southern province the bill was passed with 36 votes for and 15 against it while in the Sabaragamuwa province the bill obtained 27 votes in favor and 12 against it.

The bill has already been passed in the Eastern, Western, North Central  and Wayamba provinces.

The Government has decided to establish the Divineguma Development Department by combining five institutions including the Up country Development Authority, the Southern Development Authority, and Sri Lanka Samurdhi Authority.

Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa had said that the employees of these institutions and others connected with the Samurdhi Programme would get the highest dividends once the department is setup.

He claimed that people need not have baseless fears about the Divinaguma Bill since the government has introduced it with the genuine intention of improving the living conditions of low-income groups.