MR says IT should not be used to sow hatred

Strategists and regulators in telecommunications and ICT should think of ways to prevent this great technology being used to sow hatred and examine how to avoid the advances of instant communication being the source and cause of violence against faiths, cultures and traditions that need respect and protection, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

“ICT must not be the tool of societies that pay homage to material values and pay no heed to the values of decency, tolerance and humanity, President Rajapaksa said while addressing the Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) in Colombo today.

It is timely that this Symposium with focus on ICT takes place the day after the International Day of the Child because it is a technology that has great attraction and meaning to children. It can take their thinking and skills to new heights of achievement. It can promise them a great new world of ideas and innovation. But, it can also lead them to dangerous influences draw them away from tolerance and towards extremism of many kinds, he added.

“It is a technology that needs to be handled with great care imposing much more duties and responsibilities on parents in the guidance of their children. The wonders of ICT should not alienate our children from what is best in their culture and traditional values” the President said.

Sri Lanka recognizes the need for rapid progress in the field of ICT a technology that is racing ahead with innovations and new applications that make our world smaller each day. It opens pathways to progress to the people breaking down the barriers of race, ethnicity, community, faith and geography.

As we move ahead in ICT Sri Lanka has set in motion a plan to develop a policy and regulatory framework for Next Generation Network or NGN and to have a National Broadband Policy before the end of this year. We see the importance of broadband connectivity through-out the land for our people to fully benefit from the speedy advances in ICT.