No more refugees says Gota

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa says there are no more refugees in the north of the country as all the war displaced people have now been resettled.

Speaking at an event in Kilinochchi the Defence Secretary said that there are also less than 200 forme LTTE cadres undergoing rehabilitation.

“We now have only less than 200 undergoing rehabilitation and they are also to be set free and socialized soon as did in relation to others. Measures were also taken to take care of the family members of those families while their relatives continue rehabilitation,” The Defence Ministry quoted Rajapksa as saying.

He said that that Army de-miners had cleared more than 80 percent of the areas infested with terrorist mines, hand in hand with other de-miners, and this had enabled the people to resettle within a matter of three years.

He also said that more than 6000 houses have been built, estimated 7000 repaired or renovated for use, and 25 schools completely re-habiltated as at present.

“Anyone can come and see the revival of development in these areas now, without hurling malicious and unfounded criticisms and allegations,” he added.