Dambulla ‘sacred zone’ residents asked to leave

Residents living within the ‘sacred ‘zone’ in Dambulla have been asked to vacate their homes by the end of next month.

Notice issued to the residents, which was made public by the Navamani newspaper, says the residents must leave in order to make way for development work.

The notice which was issued by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) this week says selected property has been acquired by the government under existing laws.


It says that alternate land will be provided in Kandalama road within two weeks for the residents who are to be evicted.

The Dambulla ‘sacred land’ area was the site of controversy on at least two occasions, once when a group of monks attempted to remove a Muslim prayer center and then when Hindus in the area were threatened.

The Dambulla ‘sacred zone’ falls within the authority of the Dambulla Temple.