Murali says Oz coaching system’s ‘perfectionist’ attitude knocks creative spin aside

Sri Lanka spin legend Muthiah Muralitharan has said that the Australian coaching system’s perfectionist attitude is the main reason behind the nation’s failure to produce a single world class spinner since Shane Warne’s retirement in 2007.

Muralitharan said the coaches in Australia don’t encourage young spinners to try different variations while bowling, and encourage them to just keep practicing orthodox spin deliveries.

For Australia, veteran Brad Hogg knows how to spring a surprise at the age 41 with his wrong ones, but the emerging generation of spinners is more orthodox.

Test spinner Nathan Lyon, for instance, has openly shunned mystery deliveries while he concentrates on perfecting the natural variations and flight that brought him early success, and Muralitharan believes Australia’s sophisticated coaching system knocks the creativity out of spinners when they are young.

“It’s the coaching system, because maybe, sometimes, they want everything perfect,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Muralitharan, as saying in an interview.

“Coaching is so high quality in Australia that they don’t see unorthodox spin, they don’t encourage when they are young,” he added.

“The proper system is there and according to that they will coach. If they are unorthodox when they are young the coach will try to change his action. In Sri Lanka and other parts of the world the people do what they wish,” he said. (ANI)