Government expenditure for 2013 Rs. 2520 billion

The estimated Government expenditure for 2013 is Rs. 2520 billion. The economic growth will be maintained at 7% and the annual inflation rate contained at 7%.

Cabinet approval was granted for the Appropriation Bill for the Financial Year 2013 submitted by the President as Minister of Finance and planning to be submitted, after publishing it in the Government gazette.

In the preparation of this Bill, the President and the General Treasury had consulted each line Ministry and other Stakeholders, with the view to formulating a realistic budget.

Emphasis has been given for the priorities identified under the Medium Term Expenditure Framework 2013-2015 and for the completion of development activities which have already been commenced and are ongoing.

The first reading of the Appropriation Bill will take place on October 09 while the Budget proposal (second reading) will be presented in November 08.