Jaffna connected to the main grid

The Jaffna peninsula was connected to the national electricity grid after a period of 25 years by President Mahinda Rajapakse today.

The President also inaugurated the operation of the Killinochchi sub station of the Ceylon Electricity Board and the 132 KW transmission line from Vavuniya to Killinochchi today.

The Jaffna Peninsula is being linked by way of 33KW transmission line from the Kilinochchi substation and construction of another 132KW transmission line from the Killinochchi substation to Chunnakam in Jaffna is in progress under the second stage of the project.

The LTTE destroyed the total electricity network to the North on 6th October 1987 with the launching of operations against them by the Indian Peace Keeping Force. Since then up to now the Jaffna peninsula was not connected to the National electricity grid.

The Electricity Board completed the construction of the Kilinochchi high voltage transmission lines within a period of 2 years and 238 transmission towers have been constructed from Vavuniya to Kilinochchi. The government spent 3,200 millions rupees on this project.