Alternative Sunday 8 at Kamikaze

Round 8 of Alternative Sunday takes place at Kamikaze at the end of this month and it will see the bridging of Pop, Conscious Hip Hop + Reggae, Rap, Alternative and Jazz Funk.

Jazz Funk From Dubai (YES, this is the second time we’ve gotten an international name on the list)

The 4 Brownies

Goin Acoustic On The Night

Prazanna (Ex Cancer) And Friends
Magic Box Mixup

Nathan Eardly

Conscious Hip hop/Reggae

Ras Ceylon

Hip Hop / Rap
Prince Leone

Jude Perera

30th September, 6.30 p.m. onwards. Tickets will be available at the entrance of Kamikaze on the day

“There was never an international band without a local one” – So make sure to keep the evening free and show your support!

How Alternative Sunday came about…..

”Man, this was ages ago…sometime last December…I still remember meeting Anil after ages to put together a 31st night metal gig cuz we both felt strongly about it, things unfortunately didn’t work out the way we’d hope it would have but then come January, we both again had “this urge” to really put together a space for home artists since I was doing a show called Home Grown on YES Fm and the amount of talent I had unearthed and discovered was immense, there were bands like Duckdog, Aural Discord..solo artists like Jude Perera, Ras Ceylon, Kei Watanabe..  producers like Christian Quyn, Daffy Maestro, The Sherifs etc. well I could go on about names, Anil at the time had just started his record label too “Chanel Media” and was discovering more names like Niamh Evans  but the point is, we were discovering so much talent! Sri Lankan HAD to know about them and their own brand of awesomess!”

I mean really, enough of the old and established! The focus HAD to be on the newer!

“We wanted to give them a lot more than just a show, we started off doing photo shoots, special FB Covers and have gotten a venue to go with every mood that we set for that right lineup, everything that me and Anil do, takes weeks of planning and it does get crazy at times but at the end of the day as staunch believers of the Live Home Music Scene we believe that “there was never an international band without a local one” and with that..we’re not gonna give up promoting and supporting our home team!” – Yazmin Yousuf (Co Founder Alternative Sundays)