Muslims in Colombo protest against video

A massive protest was staged in Colombo today against the controversial anti-Islam movie produced by a group in the United States.

The protestors who initially gathered for Friday prayers at the Colombo Grand Mosque marched towards the US Embassy in Colombo shouting slogans against the US government.

Riot police and elite police commandos however prevented the protestors from proceeding towards the embassy by erecting barricades along the way.

The protesters demanded that the video be banned by the US government failing which there could be “serious repercussions.”

Opposition UNP Colombo Municipal Council member Mujibur Rahman later led a delegation to the US Embassy to handover a petition to the Ambassador.

Rehman later told the Colombo Gazette that the whole Muslim world stood united against the video and urged the US government to take immediate action on the producers of the video.


Pics by Easwaran Rutnam

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