Tantrum launches ‘Rebellion’

Tantrum gears up for the much anticipated launch of their album Rebellion on 22 September from 7p.m. at the British School Auditorium.

As the band claims, there will be no fluff or fanfare, just “pure Tantrumental pandemonium” as Javeen Soysa, Akila Peiris, Thishan Wijesinghe and Taraka Seneviratne take centre stage for a night of progressive thrash metal mayhem.

The band members have been preoccupied with with other projects and day jobs, but have put in a considerable amount of time and energy during the last year to complete the recording of the self-produced Rebellion album.

Lead singer Javeen says “We’ve managed to get an international quality sound to the album as we invested on high-end instruments and mastered the album in the US. We’ve done quite a lot of work online like webisodes and brought in the whole ‘tantrumental’ concept and managed to get on Hard Rock Radio in the USA as well for a preview of the ‘Rebellion’ album”.

The band also toured India last December and are now preparing for their biggest show on 22 September. The band plans to launch its new Rebellion T-shirt and also revamp its official website tantrumental.com on the very same day. As for opening acts, Hollow, Roadkill and Ethereal are scheduled to perform on the.

Vibrations and other CD outlets will distribute the Rebellion album after 22 September. Fans can also contact one of the Tantrum members and book copies via e-mail and other merchandise through their website store soon. For more information about the band and the concert check out: official FB page: www.facebook.com/tantrumental, official Twitter page: www.twitter.com/tantrumental, Youtube page: www.youtube.com/tantrumental (For videos from the ‘Rebellion’ recording sessions). Reverbnation page: www.reverbnation.com/tantrumental and Band Camp page: www.tantrumental.bandcamp.com (For the new tracks from the upcoming album).