Lankan looks to Kollywood

He had directed 11 plays by the time he was 17. Srinath Ramalingam then decided he wanted to be a director and flew from hometown Colombo to study filmmaking in the U.S. After dabbling with video editing and art direction in Hollywood, the 25-year-old has moved lock, stock and barrel to Chennai to try his hand in Kollywood.

He is directing two films — Laya and PPadi Kuppam Baalua. “Laya is being produced by Venkat Prabhu and J.K. Saravana, and is about a father and daughter having a conversation about how he met her mother.

It’s a light-hearted film, being shot mostly along the ECR. PPadi Kuppam Baalu is on street fighting, and have shot a few scenes around Madurai,” says Srinath who has also worked on TV shows and music videos in Sri Lanka and Singapore. “In Tamil films, tragic endings are trending now. I want to make films that will make people laugh, cry and smile,” he says.

A fan of Manoj Shyamalan, the trailer of Srinath’s independent film Trapped In Abyss, a supernatural thriller, is releasing on Apple Trailers on September 25.

“I have worked on films in Hollywood, but was more into editing. I also directed a few music videos. After a point, I decided it was time to make my own film. I love the horror genre, and decided on a thriller. We’re planning to release it in theatres next March,” he says. (The Hindu)