Chilaw temple cancels animal sacrifice

The Munneshwaram Bhadrakali Amman Hindu temple in Chilaw has decided to cancel the animal sacrifice scheduled for this year.

According to the government information department this decision was announced by the chief priest of the temple.

Secretary to the President, Lalith Weeratunga had said last week that there was no agreement with the government to allow animal sacrifices at the Sri Munneswaram Bhadrakali Amman Kovil.

He said that both in principal and policy the government is against cruelty to animals that takes place in these ritual sacrifices.

“The Government is also aware that the ritual sacrifice of animals is not acceptable to the Hindu Community, which considers it a sinful act, as clearly stated by the All Ceylon Hindu Congress. Similarly, the majority of other faiths in the country do not accept animal sacrifice in their worship and rituals, and importantly, all faiths in our country are against cruelty to animals,” he said in a statement last week.