Radiation in consignment from India (Audio)

The Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) in Sri Lanka is investigating a consignment of stainless steel products imported from India which have been found to have radiation.

AEA chairman Dr. Ranjith Wijeywardena told the Colombo Gazette that the container with the items from India had arrived in Sri Lanka on a vessel on Thursday.

The container had gone through tests at the port and radiation levels had been detected during that test, Dr. Wijeywardena said.

He said that when officials from the AEA in Sri Lanka visited the port and inspected the container they had found 125 boxes with items containing radiation.

Meanwhile the Power and Energy Ministry said that the distribution of the items from India which arrived in the container have been suspended pending further investigations.

Head of the Division of Radiation Protection at the AEA H.L. Anil Ranjith said that the items found with radiation are items used mostly at home.

He said that tests had found that the items had been detected with the ‘Cobalt-60’ radioactive material.