MR tells Commonwealth to see the truth

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today told Commonwealth delegates to see for themselves the true ground situation in Sri Lanka following the end of the 30 year war with the LTTE.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the commonwealth parliamentarians conference in Colombo today the President said that the delegates will be able to use their visit to Sri Lanka to see for themselves the post war developments.

“Your presence in Sri Lanka gives you an opportunity to see the progress in the country. You can now see the truth and return to your country with deeper understanding,” he said.

Secretary General of the Commonwealth Kamalesh Sharma is among the over 600 legislators from commonwealth countries attending the conference which will focus on a range of issues of common concern from empowering future generations through access to health, education and vocational training to the threat to democracy, peace and security from terrorism.

Rajapaksa told the commonwealth delegates that Sri Lanka managed to protect the country from the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world and that local council elections in the north will take place next year.

The government said that holding the commonwealth conference in Colombo is indicative of the new climate of peace and normalcy prevailing in Sri Lanka after the war against terrorism and a sign of the international confidence in Sri Lanka.