Croc attack at Nilwala river

A 12 year old child went missing last evening after being dragged away by a crocodile while he was bathing in the Nilwala river.

The police media unit said that the boy, identified as Selvan Roshan, was bathing in an unprotected area in the river.

In April this year a young school girl was killed after being attacked by a crocodile in the Nilwala river when she had gone to wash her face.

The girl was dragged into the water by the crocodile and her body was later found following a search operation.

Following a series of crocodile attacks in the Nilwala river over past couple of years the authorities had erected protective fences along the river banks.

People living along the river banks had been advised to get in the water only within the protective fences in order to avoid being attacked by crocodiles.

The government had also announced plans to capture and transfer man eating crocs to a new crocodile park.