Poland asks Gota if LTTE was “completely” defeated

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has been asked by Poland if the LTTE has indeed been completely wiped out.

A statement by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Poland said that the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslav Sikorski ahd asked this from the Defence Secretary when they met each other during an ongoing visit to Poland by the Defence Secretary.

During his visit Secretary Rajapaksa had a number of meetings with key personnel of the Polish Government.

He also had an opportunity of meeting informally with President Komorowski as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslav Sikorski during a lunch hosted for invitees of a Defence exhibition.

“While speaking with the Secretary, Minister Sikorski inquired whether the LTTE had been completely wipeout in Sri Lanka.  Secretary Rajapaksa gave him a brief account of the defeat of the LTTE and the present situation,” the Sri Lankan Embassy in Poland said.

Rajapaksa also enlightened the Minister on the strengths of the defence establishment in Sri Lanka. Adding that having imported various items from number of countries during the long war lasting nearly thirty years, Sri Lanka has acquired a good knowledge of the military equipments produced worldwide. Further, he mentioned that Sri Lanka too has developed a number of items upon making research.

He also discussed transferring technology, training and intelligence sharing which would benefit both countries.