Norway says Lankans involved in fraud

The Norwegian government has decided to suspend issuing temporary residence permits for Sri Lankans to look for jobs in Norway as most of them are involved in fraud.

According to the Norwegian media temporary residence permits will not be issued to applicants from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Officials say the move follows concerns raised by the respective Norwegian embassies in the three countries.

A scheme introduced in 2010 allows people who come from outside the EU a six-month temporary residence permit to look for a job in Norway if they have valid documentation and have the necessary qualifications.

Approximately 1000 applications have been received from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka in the first six months of 2012, but embassy personnel believe some people have been using false documentation to fulfill the criteria for residency, Aftenposten reports.

The report also said that at least 100 jobseekers are believed to have given an address in the centre of Oslo.

Minister of Labour Hanne Bjurstrøm said, “There is no basis of saying that many have been granted a residence permit in error. It is reasonably clear that this is fraud.”

“There will be an assessment of how important it is to meet the Norwegian employers’ desire to secure skilled labor in light of how much effort and resources have to be used separating the authentic from the non-genuine job applicants.”