Hangman appointment almost complete

The appointment of a hangman to carry out the death penalty is almost complete, the Prisons Department said today.

An official at the department said that interviews to select the suitable candidates were carried out last week and 10 people had been selected from the final list.

The official told the Colombo Gazette that the Prisons Department hopes to select two people from the final list of 10 and they will be appointed as the hangmen.

Asked why two people are likely to be recruited, the official said that one person will be on standby in the event the other person falls sick and needs to be temporarily replaced.

The death penalty is not carried out in Sri Lanka but the government had recently hinted at bringing back capital punishment.

Over 1600 people are on death row and serving life in prison. Just recently the main suspect in the murder of parliamentarian T. Maheshwaran and in another case the suspect in the Royal Park murder were given the death sentence.


By Jamila Najmuddin for the Colombo Gazette