Domino’s to drop ‘Pizza’ in global re-branding

The leader in pizza delivery, which is set to go for an image makeover in the US market beginning October, will take the new brand identity to all its major international markets, said Richard Allison, executive vice-president, Domino’s Pizza International.

The image makeover was necessary as the company “sells more than just pizzas”. Besides, it sells breads, pastas and other food items. With the re-branding, Domino’s will have a new single-tile logo.

The company will continue to have delivery mechanism intact in the US and other international markets. “Delivery accounts to more than 50 per cent of sales in the US,” he added.

Globally, Domino’s Pizza operates about 10,000 stores in 70 countries. The company, which added 480 stores between Q2 2011 and Q2 2012, targets to grow at the same pace during the current fiscal year, said Allison.

The re-branding will also be brought to India among other key markets, but the timeline for the same is yet to be discussed, pointed out Allison.

India is the fastest growing market for Domino’s, and is the third biggest market outside the US, followed by the UK and Mexico, said Allison. In the US, Domino’s has 4,900 outlets to date. The company has received good response from online marketing in India. Last year, about 13 per cent of its sales came through digital medium, he said.

100 more stores in India
Jubilant FoodWorks, that operates Domino’s Pizza chain in India, plans to open 100 more stores across 20 cities this financial year, said Hari S Bhartia, co-chairman, Jubilant FoodWorks. The company opened its 500th store in India today.

Domino’s Pizza currently sells about 70 per cent of India’s home delivery pizzas. It has a 55 per cent market share with outlets across 110 cities.

Besides India, Jubilant owns rights for Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. It already has two outlets in Sri Lanka and would open five new stores during the current financial year, said Bhartia.

“We are still studying the Bangladesh market. We hope to make inroad into the market in next two years,” he added.

Jubilant FoodWorks, which also operates Dunkin’ Donuts chain in India, plans to open 10 new stores across the country this financial year, according to Bhartia. At present, it runs three Dunkin’ Donuts outlets. (Business Standard)