Protests resume in Maldives on eve of commission report

A tense situation prevailed in the Maldives capital late Wednesday as the opposition Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) resumed protests on the eve of the releasing of a key report over the transfer of power in February this year.

The Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI) will release its findings on Thursday and President Mohamed Waheed is later scheduled to address the nation, a presidential spokesman told Xinhua.

However the deposed President and MDP leader Mohamed Nasheed’s representative in the commission Ahmed Saeed resigned from the commission on Wednesday over a dispute on the manner in which the final report was being compiled.

MDP spokesman Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said that Nasheed and his supporters were now camped on the streets southeast of the capital Male’ from where they would stage protests against the government.

The Maldives has been in turmoil after Nasheed claimed he was forced to step down as President in February this year.

However the MDP suspended street protests recently in order to take part in talks with the government to resolve the political crisis.

The government meanwhile appointed a Commission of National Inquiry to investigate concerns raised over the transfer of power in February.

Ghafoor said that the MDP now has reservations over the commission report to be released on Thursday as a result of the withdrawal of Nasheed’s representative.

“We have reservations about the report. The MDP representative will not sign the final report. We still don’t know what the report says but we are concerned,” Ghafoor said.

He also said that the entire country was tensed and people were flocking to Male from the surrounding islands as the CoNI report is to be released.

Ghafoor said that earlier this week the Maldives Police Service launched a specialized and heightened security program in the capital and surrounding areas in preparation of a possible outbreak of unrest and violence. (Xinhua)