Maldives Commission rejects coup allegations

A Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI) in the Maldives has found that current President Mohamed Waheed Hassan assumed office in February in accordance with the law.

The final report by the commission was made public after a copy was handed over to the President on Thursday.

Addressing the nation after accepting the report the Maldivian President called for calm and national unity and urged the public to work for the betterment of the country.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed and his political party the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) had been protesting since February alleging that Nasheed was forced to resign.

Amidst calls for an independent investigation by the commonwealth and others in the international community, President Waheed appointed the Commission of National Inquiry.

“There is no question but that each step prescribed by the Constitution regarding resignation of the President and assumption of office by an incoming President was fulfilled. The assumption of office of the President by Dr. Waheed on the afternoon of 7 February 2012 was in accordance with the Constitution,” the CoNI report said.

The MDP has however refused to accept the report as Nasheed’s nominee to the commission resigned just a day before the report was released claiming he could not carry out his mandated duties.

Nasheed and MDP supporters also commenced street protests on Wednesday night against the government after earlier suspending the protests to pave the way for dialogue.

A tight police presence was seen in the capital in order to ensure law and order prevails during the release of the key report.

The Commission meanwhile called for the strengthening of the rule of law so that the institutions of the State may enjoy the public confidence necessary for a democratic society.

It also called for investigations over allegations concerning police brutality and acts of intimidation.