Woman arrested with snake at club

A young woman was arrested with a snake in her possession from the Cleopatra night club at Liberty Plaza, the police media unit said today.

The police said that the woman was employed at the club and had behaved in a manner which could pose a threat to others.

According to the police when the 21 year old girl was arrested yesterday she was not in her senses so she was admitted to hospital.

The police were not immediately sure if she was under the influence of a drug, if she was stung by the snake or if she was mentally unstable.

A report was filed at the Colombo Magistrates Court and the Magistrate visited the hospital where the woman was being kept under police protection.

The Magistrate ordered that the woman be remanded till tomorrow in order to hear the case.

The snake was handed over to the Dehiwala Zoo on a court order. Further investigations are underway.