Sri Lanka in Miss Italy finals

A girl born to Sri Lankan parents has been selected among the six finalists for the Miss Italy of the world crown in the Miss Italy pageant.

Nayomi Andibuduge, 18, was among the 20 contestants competing in the category and has now been included among the six finalists.

The Miss Italy pageant will take place next month and the Miss Italy of the World is a new segment included this year where a foreigner living in Italy for a minimum of one year can take part.

Nayomi Andibuduge was born in Rome to her Sri Lankan parents Reymond and Sandhya, Italian media reports said.

Meanwhile Nayomi has written to the President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano seeking Italian citizenship, media reports in Italy said.

“I’ve always lived in Italy. I attend school and I’d love to be an Italian citizen in all respects. That’s why I decided to write to the President of the Republic, representing all the sons of immigrants who like me were born in Italy,” she said.

“My name is Nayomi Andibuduge and I am participating in the contest” Miss Italy “in Montecatini. I’m eighteen years old and I was born in Rome. And I would like to have Italian citizenship, citizenship that I have “the right” for being born in Italy to parents of Sri Lanka for decades living in your (our) country, ” a translated version of the letter Nayomi sent the President had said.

The Miss Italy finals will take place on September 10 while the winner of Miss Italy of the World will be selected the previous night. (Colombo Gazette)