Fonseka for a common opposition (Audio)

Former army commander Sarath Fonseka has called for a common opposition to fight the government.

Fonseka said this at a function attended by UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya, a few other UNP parliamentarians and former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva, Jayasuriya’s media unit said today.

He says the common opposition horse which he once rode has been hurt and bandaged but yet he wants to strengthen that horse and take it forward.

Fonseka expressed confidence of obtaining the support of some opposition members as well as the clergy and the public for a common opposition.

Meanwhile Fonseka also noted that he enjoyed the freedom of expressing himself from prison unlike the public who, according to him, have no freedom to say what they want.

Fonseka says that during his prison term he was able to speak to the media and say what he felt and yet no one could harm him.

However he says there is no guarantee on the safety of the general public who openly voice their political opinions.

He also recalled that the current leadership had promised to abolish the Executive Presidency but instead implemented the 18th Amendment to the constitution to stay in power till he dies.

Fonseka also insisted that the judiciary is not independent as judges are appointed by a “dictator” under the 18th amendment. (Colombo Gazette)