Ratmalana opens for international flights

The Ratmalana domestic airport has been declared open for small international commercial flights, the Civil Aviation Authority said today.

Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority H.M.C Nimalsiri said that a circular has been sent to airmen informing them that international commercial jets can now land at the Ratmalana airport.

“We declared that it is available for commercial jet operations from 10th August. We have sent a circular to airmen and people have seen it all over the world. We have started receiving inquiries so from two months from now we expect the airport to function regularly,” he said.

Earlier the Ratmalana airport, which was operated by the air force, was open only for military and domestic flights.

However Nimalsiri said that the facilities at the airport have been upgraded and an immigration and emigration counter has also been opened to cater to international commercial jets and passengers.

(By Easwaran Rutnam)