SLC holds urgent meeting over sex scandal

The Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) had an urgent meeting today (Saturday) in relation to various print media reports over a sex scandal at the SLC head office.

A statement by the board said that Sri Lanka Cricket takes serious note of the allegations which also tarnishes the good image and the reputation of Sri Lanka Cricket.

“SLC as an institution shall not condone any such acts of misconduct if proven correct, and will take all steps which are necessary to bring the culprits to book. On the contrary, if such allegations are found to be false, SLC will also take steps to ensure that such persons who made these allegations are brought before the Disciplinary Committee for appropriate action,” the cricket board said.

Sri Lanka Cricket also said it regrets the undue publicity which has been created. The Executive Committee having taken all the circumstances into account has decided to hand over the matter to their Disciplinary Committee for immediate inquiry and report, following which subsequent action as deemed necessary will be taken.

Due to the serious nature of the media reports the Disciplinary Committee has been tasked to forward their findings on the said matter latest by Monday 27th August 2012, the cricket board statement said.