Christian pastor attacked in Matara

A pastor from the Assembly of God (AOG) church and his wife were attacked by a mob in Matara last week, the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) said in a statement.

The attack had taken place just after the pastor and his wife had visited a church member and were returning home.

“While they were on their way back home on their motorbike, they found the road obstructed by logs. The pastor moved the logs and they proceeded on their way. A little further on at a junction, their motorbike was cut off by a powerful pajero vehicle, throwing the pastors wife on to the ground. They were then set upon by a large mob of about 40 men, accompanied by 5 Buddhist monks and the assistant secretary of the Pradeshiya Sabha (local government authority) who arrived in a truck and 3 trishaws. The mob advancing on them were carrying rocks and shouting “attack them” “kill them”. They were joined by a man who was riding in the pajero vehicle identified as a person with very high connections. The pastor was dragged along the ground and beaten by the men who shouted at him, asking who gave him permission to live in this area. The pastor had replied that he had resided in Deniyaya for many years and did not need anyone’s permission to be there. They accused him of spreading Christianity and threatened to kill him if he did not stop his Christian ministry,” the statement said.

During the attack on August 9 the mob had also verbally abused the pastor’s wife and then dragged both of them to the house they had visited and verbally abused a lady and her daughter who were residing in that house.

A police complaint was lodged over the incident. (Colombo Gazette)