Lanka to depend heavily on Norochcholai

Sri Lanka is to depend heavily on Norochcholai by 2014, the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) said today even as Chinese engineers attempted to get the power station back in operation after yet another breakdown.

Vice Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board Anura Wijepala told Xinhua that the Lakvijaya power plant is expected to meet 30 percent of the island’s entire electricity demand by the year 2014.

“We still have faith in the main equipment. The breakdowns are as a result of faults in the auxiliary equipment. Those can be easily corrected. The Chinese company CMEC has identified those issues and together with our engineers they are working on it,” Wijeypala said.

Sri Lanka had been forced to impose power cuts around the island over the past few days after the coal power plant broke down and the authorities were unable to meet the electricity demand through hydro power owing to lack of sufficient rain in the hydro catchment areas.

“There are some technical problems in the Lakvijaya power plant. The Chinese company, the Ceylon Electricity Board and the consultancy firm are now looking into these problems. I think within another two weeks’ time we will be able to operate this plant again and restore 24-hour power supply,” Power and Energy Minister Champika Ranawaka told Xinhua.

He added that the coal-fired power plant had become essential to meet daily power needs due to a severe drought in the country that has reduced hydro-power generation.