Rs. 1 million reward for info

The police today offered a Rs. 1 million reward for any information which could lead to a breakthrough over the investigations into the double murder in Kahawatte last month.

According to the police the reward has been offered on the instructions of IGP N.K. Illangakoon and the identity of the informants will be kept strictly confidential.

On July 19 a woman, 63 year old L.A. Premawathi, and her 33 year old daughter were found dead in their house at Kahawatte.

The incident sent shockwaves in the area which is already reeling from a spate of similar murders over the past few years.

The police media unit said that information over the latest incident in Kahawatte could be provided on 077-3350556, 077-7425960, 011-2422176 or 011-2320141.