Police warn against inciting racial, religious tensions

The police today warned the media and the public not to incite racial or religious tensions by spreading false information regarding some incidents.

The warning comes after some news websites had indicated that an incident in Vavunaitivu early this morning was as a result of a clash between Sinhalese groups and minorities in the area.

According to the police, four temporary shelters were set on fire in Unachiya, in the Vavunaitivu police division, following a dispute between two groups.

The police insisted that the dispute was over a private issue and was not connected to any race or religion.

The police said that the suspects involved in the incident have already been arrested.

The police media unit said that it was regrettable to note that there are attempts to create divisions among the communities at a time when the country is at peace after 30 years of war.

The police insisted that there was no political connection to the Vavunaitivu incident and that it was purely a dispute between two villages.  (Colombo Gazette)